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I guess I should answer this because TiaraTiramisu tagged me as well awhile ago. OTL

1. I get bored easily. If something doesn’t keep my interest I usually drop it immediately. The only exception so far has been my art foundation classes, because, as god awful and boring as they are, I know eventually Illustration won’t be.

2. People have told me I seem really, “Cool, calm, go with the flow, things don’t really bother me, etc” but it’s just because I have the most unbelievably good poker face and I have a problem with stuffing anything that bothers me inside until I finally lose it which, unfortunately for Kaitlyn, is in the middle of the night in a psychotic episode.

3. I am very OCD. The biggest issue is I do this thing, were I rub my hands on the top of my lap, back and forth. I guess I rock a bit when I do this. I never noticed until Kaitlyn pointed it out to me, but then my mother told me I have basically been doing this my whole life.

4. I have a weird habit with not only not letting my food touch, but I pick apart certain sandwiches and eat the ingredients separately. I have learned to eat some things like a normal human, but I still have quite a problem with this.

5. I think I want to start publicly speaking about LGBT rights…like, sharing my story and just generally try to help change things so Kaitlyn and I can get married wherever we end up living when we’re ready.

6. I secretly love dancing. I took belly dance lessons (which is an awesome work out, oh my god), I know some salsa moves, and I was in a hip hop routine that I LOVED. I want to actually take lessons and pursue this more…because I personally think I could be good at it.

7. The only thing I can actually cook and take pride in is my marinara sauce. It is a family recipe that I recently memorized. But, I literally…can only cook noodles and make this, otherwise I suck at cooking.

8. I think I would feel better if I was a boy, or at least androgynous, but I am very feminine. I tried to dress more boy-ish on a day to day basis, but I generally hate my body. I had to have surgery to get my breasts reduced because I used to be DDD, and I wish they would have let me make them smaller than C. I hate that I am so curvy. Even if I lost a little weight like I want to, my chest and hips would still be huge.

9. I want to travel so bad. My dad always promises these great trips to make up for shit he does to me but never follows through. My mother would love to travel with all 9 of us, but we’re too poor. Someday I’ll be able to.

10. I don’t believe in any religion, but I do like exploring different religions. I feel like if I were to stick with anything it would be a pagan belief system.

  1. a-new-star-of-time said: You took bellydancing classes?! I’m taking them right now and I love it so so so much ^^ It makes me feel good about myself, it’s fun, and it is a great workout too, yea. You should get into dancing again, for sure~!
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